donderdag 6 januari 2011

That crucial split-second.

Did you ever have this? you are completing the final level of some gruesomly hard game, and you are near the end. Shit's going crazy, and everything in the game is trying to kill you, even the ground.

And then, there it is. That last coin, that last thing you need to complete your eternally long adventure to completing a game you spent so much time on, all that work finally pays off, that final peripheral you need to end you of nights without sleep or sex, to end your fast food-binge and to get your life straight.

But then out of nowhere, an enemy comes running at you. your health is low. your heart is pounding like crazy, you run into a cold sweat thinking that it's all been for nothing, you nearly cry, you go insane, you feel like dying right now. the feeling that your character isn't moving fast enough is constantly in your mind. Teasing you, Destroying you.

but then, there it is, the finale! you go apeshit, a shudder of hope slips through the despair and agony. you are so fucking close.

and then, when the enemy makes his final leap. And you are just an inch away. Time stops. As you reflect back on your endevaour, all the time you wasted, all the friends you exiled, all the nights in front of your tv busy with this. everything freezes for that final, crucial split-second. But that doesn't matter, because you are determined to see this through to the bitter end.

this is it. This is what you have been waiting for. As you start to scream for that last crucial split- second, everything has been building up to this.

Now it's everyones game, now it's a chance to become a legend, or die like a failure.

I myself am not such a gamer, but from the time-to- time that i play videogames, these moments arise out of nowhere, no matter what kind of individual you are, that crucial split- second has you on the edge of your seat. so this goes out to all those (hardcore) gamers who have crucial split-second moments.

unless you are with two players, then if the one dies, the other can finish the game.

Oh well.

inspiration is also partially derived from the video "boy soprano" by xiu xiu, which can be viewed here.

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