woensdag 3 november 2010


Chinese ink on sketchpaper, 2010

Meanwhile, in my childhood...

Modified in photoshop. picture origin: settingthesunonfire, my old (and now defunct) blog.

Picture i found while i was cleaning my room. It's a picture of 2 of are old dogs, one being the one on the foreground with the whacky stoner look and the other batshit crazy PCP addicted motherfucker behind him. I just can't help but laugh upon viewing this picture again and again.

good sky to die under

2010, drawn in SAI


2010, drawn in SAI

Open for commision soon

If you want me to make you a nice picture, a logo for your company/band/Organisation/cult or just make a painting of one of my crazy designs on canvas? i'll do it for you.
I can work with digital and traditional means of work. So if you want some odd composition of stuff flinged together in photoshop i can probably do that for you.

Unfortunately, i can't do this for free, but i'm not going to put up a price list. Prices can be negotiated. But consider this though, low payment= longer wait. Not intending here that you pay mad amounts of money. Your base price is recommended to be on or over 10 euros (14.04 USD).
The policy is first draw; then pay, so i know you will be happy with the product Once it's done.

You can negotiate to me via my skype: moldypeachy
Or you can send me an e-mail via my hotmail: taylorsart@hotmail.com

I don't have a PayPal yet, but i'll update once i have it.

Here's my Tumblr: http://1993rocksmycock.tumblr.com/

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DeviantART: http://nantesoldskool.deviantart.com/

'Muppet Crime Syndicate' by Taylor bostock, 2010.

first post.

Welcome to my blog. I like drawing. So i'm going to post my drawings here. to begin this blog, i have here a piece i made back in august. there will be more to come...

Feel free to follow this blog if you are interested.